Viral Video Of Snatch Theft Actually Happened In Los Angeles, Not Penang!

Fake news alert! 

Recently, a video clip of a man acting aggressively and pulling a woman’s handbag at a supermarket was said to have happened in Penang. 

viral video of snatch theft actually happened in los angeles, not penang!Photo via New Straits Times

However, police debunked the rumours and said that the CCTV footage of the incident happened at the Quantong Square Supermarket in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, United States. 

“The video of the incident, which has gone viral since last week is said to have occured in the Northeast district of the state. A check found that the incident took place abroad,” said North East District Police chief, Assistant Commissioner Soffian Santong.

The 29-second video showed a man dressed in all black, aggressively pulling the handbag of a woman while she was at the supermarket.

The video has since made its rounds on social media, with many claiming it to be in Penang.

Guys, please remember, if tak sure, jangan lah share! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat