Uniqlo x Kaws Shirts Prices Tripled By Scalpers

uniqlo x kaws shirts prices tripled by scalpers

Photo: @thebunnyluz on Twitter

You probably don’t know Brian Donnelly, but when we say Kaws, there is a high chance you have heard of him. This American artist and designer incorporates casts of characters, motifs and icons, some of which are original designs, and some of which are reworked versions of existing characters. Kaws has worked with brands like Nike, Dior, and Uniqlo. Having had two huge collaborations with Uniqlo, his designs are back on their shelves again. The hype was huge, with people lining up outside even before the stores opened in Malaysia.

Twitter user @YellowIce4 didn’t even get to buy anything on despite being there on the second day of the launch. The collection was completely sold out within hours.

uniqlo x kaws shirts prices tripled by scalpers

Unfortunately, scalpers are always around when there is a hype, and this is no exception. Within days of the launch, resellers surfaced online, with some selling the limited edition shirts for double and even triple the original price. This unethical behaviour is unfortunately rather widespread, with many boldly announcing on social media and online retail sites that they have still have stocks available. Supply exists where there is demand, and supply for these is definitely still going strong despite the exorbitant prices.

Would you buy anything from scalpers?

By: Celestine Foo