Unclaimed DHL Parcels Were Lelong-ed for RM15 Each at a Ramadan Bazaar

unclaimed dhl parcels were lelong-ed for rm15 each at a ramadan bazaarMain image via Malay Mail

Have you ever wondered where missing parcels end up? Maybe they’re stuck in transit in a post office, or perhaps left with a neighbour, but the last place we would suspect is that it’ll be auctioned off at the pasar malam!

That is precisely what happened to several unclaimed DHL parcels that were sold as ‘mystery boxes’ going for RM15 each at a Ramadan bazaar.

The news first went viral when the Facebook page Viral Media Malaya shared a picture of the incident that allegedly took place in Sena Indah, Kangar.

According to the Malay Mail, DHL Express Malaysia is investigating the incident and assured the public in an e-mail statement that necessary action is underway to address the issue.
At DHL, the safety and security of our customers’ shipments are of paramount importance. We are currently conducting an internal investigation on this matter and will take the necessary actions as swiftly as possible.

While netizens question the ethics of buying these unclaimed parcels, we can’t help but wonder: what were in those boxes!?


Would you have bought one?