Uh Oh, Soalan Bocor!

uh oh, soalan bocor!Photo: Bernama

Exams are pretty big things, and many students resort to all sorts of methods in an attempt to do well. 

From extra tuition classes, seminars, and even getting tips, this has been happening since day one.

Recently, claims that several PT3 exam papers were leaked, including English, Mathematics and Geography. The Education Ministry confirmed these allegations and said that investigations by state education departments would have to be carried out to check if it was true.

These papers were allegedly made available on social media before students were due to sit for the tests.

The Education Ministry further pointed out the strict controls that went into safeguarding the papers and marking scheme, which includes keeping the relevant documents in a locked vault inside a locked room in schools, with only the principal, senior administration assistant and PT3 secretary in each school given the responsibility of downloading and printing the PT3 papers.

uh oh, soalan bocor!Photo: Bernama

According to The Star, the PT3 papers were circulated on the messaging app Telegram, in a chat group with an administrator by the name of Sang Anti Bot. There were 2, 782 members in the group at the time of writing and it was reported that some of these members confirmed that the questions shared in the group were the same as the ones in the actual exam. 

A Selangor school teacher also told The Star that his students said they received the aforementioned papers via a Telegram chat group before the exam. 

The Star also reported that a PT3 student had heard her friends discussing the leak prior to the exam and asked her friends to send her the link to the chat group - which she then joined. ”I saw that the question papers posted there were exactly the same as the ones I sat for — 100% the same! Questions that are supposedly from the upcoming exam papers continue to be leaked in the group. I exited the group after that,” she said.

So how did you pass your major school exams?

By: Celestine Foo