Two Men Who Fainted In Sandakan Not Caused By COVID-19 Vaccine!

Stop spreading fake news! 

The Sabah state health department (JKNS) confirmed that the two men who fainted after getting their COVID-19 vaccine were due to an empty stomach or not taking food before receiving the vaccine.

two men who fainted in sandakan not caused by covid-19 vaccine!Photo via The Star

According to Astro AWANI, its director, Dr. Rose Nani Mudin said the incident that happened to two individuals at the vaccination centre (PPV) in Sandakan was not due to the vaccine like what is being shared on social media. 

She also clarified that the rumour saying one of the men had died is also not true. 

“The two men fainted for a few minutes after receiving the jab as a result of an empty stomach. After regaining consciousness, both of them were then given health check-ups and were monitored further before they were allowed to leave the premises,” she said.

Dr. Rose also said that it was not recommended for any vaccine recipient to come to their appointment on an empty stomach.

Further investigations found that one of the men who fainted had not eaten anything since the night before receiving their vaccines, while the other man had eaten the morning before his appointment. 

The vaccine is totally safe, guys… 

And please, if you’re not sure of something that you read online or in a chain message, jangan lah share! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat