Donald Trump May Be Allowed Back On Facebook After Being Banned From The Site Since January 2021

Former American president and businessman, Donald Trump will be allowed back on Facebook next year, following a review on the company’s decision to suspend him.

According to Deadline, president of global affairs for Meta, Nick Clegg said in an event at Washington D.C. that the company would consult with experts and weigh the impact, “You must exercise extreme caution when making decisions that have an impact on the general public. 

donald trump may be allowed back on facebook after being banned from the site since january 2021Photo via PBS

“You shouldn’t act like a bully,” he added. 

The social networking site has banned Trump indefinitely following the attack on the Capitol on 6 January, however Facebook’s Oversight Board later said that it was “not appropriate” to suspend him without a fixed time frame and instructed the company to review their decision.

Facebook then released a statement that they are banning Trump for a period of two years, lasting until 7 January 2023.

His suspension also included his Instagram account. Following that, Trump was also banned from other social networking platforms including YouTube and Twitter.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat