Torrential Rains Cause Landslides And Flooding In Western Sabah

torrential rains cause landslides and flooding in western sabah

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Sabah already has enough on its plate with the coronavirus situation there, and now, torrential rains in the western region have added to the problem, with a side of landslides and flooding.

According to the NST, there was heavy downpour in several towns, including Ranau, Telipok, Kiulu, and Tamparuli, from as early as 6:00am this morning.

In Kiulu, it’s understood that two landslides occurred at about 1:00pm along Jalan Kiulu-Tamparuli near Kampung Rangalau Baru and Kampung Kionsom Lama.

Alternative routes leading to Telipok, Tamparuli and Kota Kinabalu had also been cut off due to landslides and flooding.

The district Public Works Department is currently carrying out cleaning works in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, in Ranau, another two landslides stretching between 20 and 50 metres were reported at 10:30am.

They occurred along Jalan Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan - one near Kinabalu Park and the other near the Bundu Tuhan junction.

torrential rains cause landslides and flooding in western sabah

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In Tamparuli, the Jambatan Lama route was closed after Sungai Tuaran reached a dangerous level and started overflowing.

Residents at the Taman Sri Rugading housing area were also trapped in their homes, after roads leading to Telipok were left flooded, with several parked vehicles submerged.

Sabahans, hang in there!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob