Tinted Windows On Cars Most Popular Offence According To JPJ Terengganu

Apparently, tinted windows on cars is the most common traffic offence in Terengganu. 

Well, it’s no surprise! People want tinted windows because of the privacy it can give the passengers of the vehicle, and it makes us feel safe and more comfortable travelling alone especially for women.

tinted windows on cars most popular offence according to jpj terengganuPhoto via The Star

However, according to the Road Transport Department (JPJ)’s website, Rule 94 of the Motor Vehicle Rules (Construction and Use) 1959 states that your vehicle must not be dangerous to road users, whether in vehicles or on the road. 

...which means, you need to be able to see the road when you’re driving and for safety purposes, people outside need to be able to see inside your vehicle in case of an emergency! 

So if you have one of those cars with very dark tinted windows that even Superman can’t look through, you might want to reconsider reverting them back to their original condition. 

JPJ Terengganu announced that it recently issued 834 summonses involving the installation of tinted windows, in operations throughout the state since July. 

tinted windows on cars most popular offence according to jpj terengganuPhoto via The Star

According to Sinar Harian, its director, Zulkarnain Yasin said the use of tinted windows is among the six most popular technical offences in the state. The other five are:

  1. Not having a Competent Driving License (CDL), 320 cases

  2. Carrying dangerous cargo, 207 cases

  3. Registration number does not follow specifications designated, 187 cases

  4. Vehicle modification offence, 164 cases

  5. Not having a Goods Driving License (GDL), 15 cases

Remember guys, traffic laws are out in place not because the authorities want to inconvenience you, but they help keep you and other road users safe!

Stay safe on the road! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat