This Proboscis Monkey Had To Be Put Down After Being Seriously Injured

this proboscis monkey had to be put down after being seriously injured

Photo via Berita Harian

It’s really sad when you have to put your pet down to keep them from suffering.

But what’s worse is if you had to put them down because of human error - as this proboscis monkey in Sabah had a heartbreaking ending.

In the incident in Sandakan at about 8 am, the Malaysian icon was reported seriously injured in the leg, along with a broken arm and several other limbs after being hit by a car, and had a slim chance of survival.

It’s understood that a security guard nearby had noticed the primate injured, before lodging a report to the Sabah Wildlife Department (JHL).

The Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) was then directed to the scene.

Sandakan JHL officer Hussien Muin said, “The results of the examination found that the monkey was very weak and in critical condition, and also suffered a lot of bleeding.

“His chances were very slim, so there was no other choice but euthanasia,” he added.

Hussein also urged road users to be extra careful when using trunk roads, as animals do tend to wander on to the road.

Eyes on the road, guys!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob