This New Digital Learning Platform Will Make Online Classes Easier For Teachers And Students!

The Ministry of Education (MOE) today (15 June) announced a refresh of its digital learning platform for teachers, educators, and students, called DELIMa, or ‘Digital Educational Learning Initiative Malaysia’.

this new digital learning platform will make online classes easier for teachers and students!Photo via eSchool News

The platform is a culmination of efforts from the ministry along with Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

It offers all the applications and services required by teachers and students within the Malaysian school system, including digital learning enabling technologies and resources such as Google Classroom, Microsoft 365, and Apple Teacher Learning Centre. 

The DELIMa platform was envisioned with the following guiding tenets: 

  1. Platform democratization: digital learning accessible to all, supporting a multi-technology ecosystem. 

  2. Lifelong learning: student-centric experience so learning can take place any time.

  3. Digital transformation: MOE’s commitment to the country’s future needs.

The platform is averaging 1.7 million monthly active users to-date, making it one of the largest national deployments in the world.

With over 10,000 schools, 370,000 teachers and 2.5 million students in the system, Malaysia is making a huge stride in its digital transformation and future-readiness. 

The DELIMa platform is accessible via

Hopefully, this new digital learning platform can help students and teachers make their online classes more accessible to them. 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat