This Isn’t What Firemen Are For

this isn’t what firemen are for

Photo: Facebook (Bomba Alor Setar)

What do you usually call the firemen for? Probably fires or snakes or something big, right?

Last Saturday, the Alor Setar Fire and Rescue Department received a distress call regarding a “dangerous animal” at 6.03pm. 

Doing their job, the brave men rushed to the location in Anak Bukit.

Here’s the plot twist - the dangerous animal in question turned out to simply be a common green bottle fly trapped in a cupboard.

We get it. Flies can be very scary, but this one sure makes for a good laugh!

According to Kedah Fire and Rescue Department director Sayani Saidon, this was the first time such a thing has happened.

“Our men were told that the caller had heard some strange hissing sounds coming from the cupboard. After a thorough check, the team discovered a fly trapped in the cupboard and not a snake as was thought earlier," he told New Straits Times, adding that the incident was closed by 9pm.

"We hope the public will be more careful next time when making emergency calls. Maybe try and identify the problem first, or in this case the animal, before calling for assistance. There could be some bigger cases such as fire, accident or drowning that require our immediate attention." Sayani said.

Take note, y’all! Firemen are definitely more prepared for severe, life-threatening situations so taking up resources by calling them over something that can be resolved on your own just might not be the best idea.

By: Celestine Foo