This Cikgu Is A Hero!

Thank you, teachers, for all that you do!

A teacher in Perak definitely deserves to be celebrated as he dived into a rapid current of water to save four teenage girls from being swept away, risking his own life. 

this cikgu is a hero!Photo via Facebook (Perak Press)

According to Harian Metro, Cikgu Muhammad Nor Imran Maula Abd Jalil was driving near the water canal when he saw a fully-clothed girl drenched and trembling, while calling for help. 

He stopped and asked her what happened: “She asked me to save her friends so I rushed to the water canal. There were two girls hanging onto a piece of wood while another two were struggling against the strong currents.”

The 31-year-old, without hesitation, dove into the water canal and swam to save the two girls who were struggling to keep themselves afloat against the rapid currents. 

The other two girls who were hanging onto the piece of wood suddenly lost their grip,but he quickly jumped in and managed to catch their hands before they were swept away by the water.

A passerby stopped to check out the situation and performed CPR to one of the girls who was unconscious. All five girls were brought to the nearby hospital. 

“All I think about at that time was to save them, I didn’t realise that my body was exhausted. After they were all saved, I was relieved,” he said. 

this cikgu is a hero!Photo via Facebook (Perak Press)

The five girls were reported to be in a Proton Saga together when the driver lost control of the car and skidded into the water canal. The car had submerged underwater, but fortunately, the girls managed to escape. 

Thank you, Cikgu Imran! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat