There’s Now A Time Limit For You To Do Your Shopping

By now, we already know that most businesses will only be allowed to operate from 8AM to 8PM starting Tuesday (May 25th).  

there’s now a time limit for you to do your shoppingPhoto via Reuters

But over the weekend, the government added on a new SOP for the retail sector. 

Starting May 25th a two-hour time limit will be implemented for you to shop at all retail premises, including shopping malls. 

Shops will also have to impose a limit on the number of customers allowed in at any one time, using the guideline of one person for every four square meters. 

This is basically to prevent crowding, and to discourage patrons from hanging around unnecessarily. 

Meanwhile, shoppers in Sabah will be subject to even stricter measures.  

Only one hour is allowed for shopping at malls, supermarkets, grocery stores and other similar premises in the state. 

there’s now a time limit for you to do your shoppingPhoto via Malay Mail

The number of shoppers allowed in, meanwhile, is limited to 50 percent of the shop’s capacity. 

Now, the responsibility to enforce this ruling falls on the business operators… but you, the shopper, can also help out. 

If you see a shop is too crowded, don’t go in. And make sure that you only leave home when necessary, for instance, to buy groceries and essentials.  

Even then, its best to go in, buy your stuff and get out as quickly as possible, to reduce the risk of potential exposure. 

Stay safe, guys! 

By: Nicholas Darren John