There’s A Reason Why Interstate Travels Are Restricted!

There’s a reason why interstate travels are restricted during this conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period! So please, do NOT try to balik kampung without a permit! 

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is now stricter than before as many vehicles have been stopped at roadblocks around the country, and 1,175 vehicles have been asked to turn back yesterday (17 May) as they did not have police permission and were trying to sneakily balik kampung. 

The Ministry of Health (MOH) updated its Facebook page due to the alarming number of vehicles on the highway, “To those who want to curi-curi and travel interstate to your hometown, please see this infographic.”

“To those who have police permission to travel interstate, please abide by the SOPs”

MOH shared an infographic on their Facebook page with the statistics concerning interstate travels. There’s been 971 positive cases or 14.1% out of the number of cases, which had a history of travelling interstate.

18 out of the 49 clusters were also linked to interstate travels. 

“Please obey the advice given by the government. Your health is your own responsibility.” the post said.

The ministry added that restricting people to travel is not to burden people but instead, to make sure that everyone is safe against the virus. MOH also advised people that we are now living in the new normal, which we have no choice but to adapt to.

Guys, please don’t be selfish. Do not take this pandemic lightly! Be responsible, keep you and your loved ones safe, and just stay where you are! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat