There Is No Family Movement Control Order!

there is no family movement control order!

We have to say, fake news creators are getting really creative with their work…

The Health Ministry (MOH) took to Twitter to share a viral notice listing out the SOPs for a purported Family Movement Control Order (FMCO), or rather Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Keluarga (PKPK).

But obviously, it’s fake!

The notice stated that senior citizens and kids are no longer allowed to be out in public amid the “FMCO”, be it at restaurants, parks or grocery stores.

Not only that, the notice even provided a list of recommended “COVID-19 medications” that every household should have, as well as a list of foods that can supposedly prevent you from contracting the virus, mostly comprising various fruits (bananas, mangoes, lemons, etc.).

MOH has reminded the public that there has never been any “FMCO”, nor has it ever mentioned such a thing, and it also urged Malaysians to check their sources before sharing any form of news.

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by Kyle Roshen Jacob