The United Kingdom Records Highest Daily COVID Cases Since Start Of Pandemic

The United Kingdom recorded its highest daily COVID cases since the start of the pandemic on Wednesday (December 28th).

Senior British health chief said there could be a “staggering” rise in cases over the next few days.

the united kingdom records highest daily covid cases since start of pandemicPhoto via Sky News

According to Indian Express, a further 78,610 COVID-19 infections were reported, about 10,000 more than the previous high reported in January. 

More than 11 million people have now tested positive for the virus in the United Kingdom, which has a total population of around 67 million. 

With the new highly transmissible Omicron variant of the virus surging across Britain, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, Jenny Harries called the Omicron variant “probably the most significant threat” since the start of the pandemic. 

“The numbers that we see on data over the next few days will be quite staggering compared to the rate of growth that we’ve seen in cases for previous variants,” she said.

Harries added that the new variant of the virus has a doubling time “which is shortening” and is now under two days in most regions in Britain, with its growth rate being notable in London and Manchester. 

the united kingdom records highest daily covid cases since start of pandemicPhoto via BBC

More than 10,000 cases of Omicron have been recorded, with at least 10 people hospitalized. One person has died after contracting the variant, which is set to become the dominant strain in London.

Guys, please be safe if you’re traveling to the UK! Remember to always wear your face mask when you’re in public, wash your hands regularly and maintain physical distancing!

Take care and stay safe!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat