The Ongoing Influenza Outbreak Is Getting Pretty Bad!

Alright, at first it was chill lah, there’s a few people getting sick with this influenza here and there – but now it’s actually getting pretty bad!

You’ve read about more and more people getting sick with this virus, and today is no different, after a group of children in Penang were just diagnosed to be infected with the virus.

the ongoing influenza outbreak is getting pretty bad!Photo: The Star

Nineteen students from two classes in a primary school in Butterworth have come down with Influenza A. 

According to The Star, the school received a notice from the district Health Department to close down two Year Two classes, after a few students were affected by the disease.

A spokesperson from the school said that the Parent-Teacher Associations posted a notice on Facebook so that the children that goes to the two classes does not send their children to school on Wednesday.

The school will be closed and sanitized this evening (Wednesday, January 8th).

Let’s take more precaution to avoid getting infected with influenza too. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and sanitize your hands!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat