The Ministry Of Health Is Calling For Volunteers!

The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) has invited volunteers to join the health and medical support teams in managing the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia. 

the ministry of health is calling for volunteers!Photo via New Straits Times

MOH, via their Facebook page, extended their volunteer service to private health and medical members such as physicians, medical officers, nurses, assistant medical officers who want to assist the ministry in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

To date, there are 157 volunteers that have joined and been assigned in stages to the COVID-19 health and medical support teams. A further 1,008 individuals consisting of various medical professions, will be joining the medical support team at hospitals. 

You can join the COVID-19 health and medical support teams, by filling out the Registration Form for Volunteers of the COVID-19 Health and Medical Support Team on MOH’s Facebook page.

Volunteers will be required to perform the following services:

  1. Health screening at MOH public health facilities such as health clinics, health district offices, KLIA, etc.

  2. Perform the duties of the hospitals that are involved in the handling of cases: a) Non-COVID-19 in wards and medical, orthopedic, surgical and other departments due to the congestion of COVID-19 patients at the hospital; or b) COVID-19 for experienced specialists/officers subject to current requirements. 

If you’d like to volunteer at MOH public health facilities, such as health clinics, health district offices, KLIA, etc; or if you’d like to volunteer at MOH hospitals, head over to the Ministry of Health Facebook page to fill out the form! 

So if you’re a doctor, a nurse or a medical officer - be a part of the medical team to help fight against this COVID-19 virus. We’re all in this together, guys! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat