Malaysian Badminton Ace Tan Boon Heong Shares How He Was Scammed By His Close Friends Twice

Scams involving money are quite common in Malaysia, but it's surprising to learn that even professional athletes can fall victim to them.

malaysian badminton ace tan boon heong shares how he was scammed by his close friends twicePhoto via Facebook (Tan Boon Heong 陈文宏)

Malaysian badminton player Tan Boon Heong recently shared a personal story about being scammed out of a substantial sum. According to the New Straits Times, Boon Heong is not the only badminton player to have faced such a predicament; Lai Pei Jing also recently lost most of her life savings to scammers.

Boon Heong revealed on Facebook that he was defrauded of RM2.3 million in an investment scam perpetrated by his friends. He decided to share his experience after learning that Lai Pei Jing had also been scammed.

Reflecting on his experience, he wrote, "Seeing my fellow shuttler get scammed reminds me of the time I got scammed too."

Boon Heong disclosed that he was scammed twice, losing RM2.3 million in one instance and RM160,000 in another, both times by people he trusted, including a friend whose child is also a badminton player.

He emphasised that he is sharing his story to caution others about the importance of being vigilant with their investments and to choose their associates carefully.

“Every scam you fall for teaches you something. That’s just life. You can’t avoid the detours. Everyone has to take at least one,” he remarked.

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Posted by Tan Boon Heong 陈文宏 on Sunday 2 June 2024

Regardless of one's profession or status, everyone is susceptible to making mistakes. This serves as a reminder to exercise caution and discernment, especially when it involves trusting others with your money!