Taiwanese Man Jailed For Two Months After His Pet Parrot Injures Runner At The Park

Following allegations that his huge parrot caused a jogger to trip and suffer injuries, a Taiwanese man was given a two-month jail sentence and fined 3.04 million New Taiwan dollars, which is around RM 434,863!

The strange incident is said to have occurred in Tainan when a man by the name of Huang took his two pet macaws for a flight in a nearby park where people regularly go for exercise. 

taiwanese man jailed for two months after his pet parrot injures runner at the parkPhoto via TVBS

According to Oddity Central, one of the huge birds flew onto the back of a jogger and began flapping its wings frantically, startling him and causing him to trip and fall. He fractured his pelvis and dislocated his hip joint as a result of the severe fall, which required hospitalisation and an extended recovery period. 

He ultimately filed a claim for damages against the parrot's owner.

The victim told the Tainan District Court that he was hospitalised for a week and was unable to work for more than six months. The injuries had cost him a lot because as a plastic surgeon, he had to spend a lot of time on his feet performing procedures. 

His attorney stated: “He can now walk, although there is still numbness whenever he stands for an extended period of time.”

The court determined that the man’s negligence was what led to the victim’s injuries. 

The macaw was regarded as a large animal due to its size, 40 cm tall and 60 cm wide, so the owner should have taken safety measures to prevent such incidents.