Systems Outage Causing Massive Disruption at KLIA

systems outage causing disruption at klia

A disruption that started on Wednesday night was to blame for the delays in operations at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Both terminals and other functions like baggage handling, check-ins, flight information displays and Wi-Fi connectivity was affected. 

The Malaysia Airports Twitter account released a statement at 11.00 p.m. yesterday night stating there were 68 delayed flights reported, with Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air and Cathay Dragon included on the list. 

At 10.58 a.m. today, Malaysia Airports announced that they were in the midst of stabilising the system and requested passengers to show up 4 hours before flight to help the flow of things as check-ins had to be processed manually.

Some airplanes could not make it their scheduled gates, thus forcing the 38 remote bays in KLIA’s main terminal to be put to use, and 4 press buses used to send passengers between the bays and the terminal. Malaysia Airports deployed almost 1,000 employees to assist with the situation.

Malaysia Airports also provided free parking at KLIA’s main terminal (Blocks A, B, C and D) for those awaiting passengers on delayed arriving flights.