Support For Foreign Spouses During The MCO

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Due to the prolonged period of the Movement Control Order (MCO) amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many families are forced to live apart from their foreign spouses and some are still waiting eagerly to be reunited, as foreigners are not allowed to enter Malaysia while the MCO is in effect.

This is a challenging time for families especially for those who are expecting their first child. Jane, a Malaysian who resides in Hong Kong had long planned a return to Malaysia after she and her Hong Kong-native husband found out they were expecting. According to the Malay Mail, with just two months to her due date, Jane is now worried that her husband will not be able to be by her side by the time she delivers.

support for foreign spouses during mco


As such, the Foreign Spouses Support Group (FSSG) has urged the immigration department to adopt short-term measures to allow Malaysian families with mixed nationalities to remain together in times like this. The FSSG also said that the immigration department should consider letting foreign spouses, children and dependents of Malaysians and permanent residents join their families in Malaysia regardless of their visa status.

“Given that we are in the fasting month of Ramadan, we do hope that families would not have to face the additional uncertainties around bureaucratic hurdles and anxiety of being separated during this pandemic and ask that due consideration be made by the respective authorities in the best interest of the family,” FSSG told the Malay Mail.

As the decision is in the hands of the immigration department, we can only pray and hope for the best, in hopes that these families can be reunited soon in this time of hardship.

By: Rayelene Chin