Study Reveals 62% of Malaysians Fear Job Replacement by Artificial Intelligence

Ipsos, a multinational market research and consulting firm, recently conducted a study on Malaysians' attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI). 

The findings showed that Malaysia, like many other Asian countries, has a positive outlook on AI and its related products and services.

The study highlighted that the younger population in Malaysia, with their ability to adapt to the latest technology, plays a significant role in this positive perception. Additionally, the recognition of how technology can enhance the quality of life in developing countries contributes to this optimistic view.

study reveals 62% of malaysians fear job replacement by artificial intelligencePhoto via New Straits Times

The survey encompassed 22,816 adults under the age of 75 across 31 countries, including Malaysia. Ipsos also presented data for the Southeast Asian average and the global country average. Malaysians seem to have a slightly lower understanding of what AI is compared to the global average. However, they surpass other countries in knowing the types of products and services that utilize AI.

Despite the overall confidence in AI, more than half of Malaysians expressed concern about its impact, with 62% believing that AI could potentially replace their current jobs entirely. Interestingly, Malaysians still trust companies that use AI, with 70% expressing confidence in them, higher than the global average.

Although there is some apprehension about the use of AI, Malaysians believe that AI will bring positive changes to various aspects of their lives. They expect AI to improve time and efficiency the most (67%), followed by entertainment, the economy, health, and jobs in the next three to five years.

Azamat Ababakirov, Senior Research Manager of Ipsos Public Affairs, commented on the study, stating that the general excitement about AI is balanced with concerns about the changes it may bring. He emphasized the importance of being prepared for the societal transitions that AI adoption may bring while enjoying its benefits.

Overall, the Ipsos study sheds light on Malaysians' optimistic outlook on AI, coupled with a desire to stay informed about its advancements and implications. 

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, the findings call for a conscious approach towards AI adoption to maximize its benefits and address any challenges that may arise.