Student In China Permanently Disabled After Physical Punishment At School

A young 14-year-old girl from Southwest China’s Sichuan Province was permanently disabled after physical punishment in which she had to do 150 squats at her school last June. 

According to Global Times, the local authorities promised to deal with those responsible after the unsettled dispute between the patents and the school caught media attention.

student in china permanently disabled after physical punishment at schoolPhoto via India Times

The highschool junior, surnamed Ren, from Xianshi Vocational Senior High School in Hejiang county of Sichuan was punished by a student leader, surnamed Mu, after she was found violating dormitory administration regulations by bringing in snacks.

A teacher, surnamed Liu, who was supervising the dormitory was present at the time but did not stop the incident, which led to permanent injury to Ren’s left foot.

Ren’s mother, surnamed Zhou said that incident happened around 10pm in June last year, when both Mu and Liu were inspecting Ren’s dormitory to check whether anyone had brought in snacks without permission.

Mu then found a packet of snacks on Ren’s bed and ordered her to do 300 squats as punishment.

Ren denied that the snack was hers and said that her foot had been injured in April of the same year, but she was still forced to do 150 squats under the supervision of Mu and Liu. 

After the incident, Ren had medical treatment including surgery at several hospitals in Luzhou city and Chengdu.

She was then diagnosed as having a lifetime mobility restriction, and has had to walk on crutches ever since. 

Apart from the physical injury, Ren has also been diagnosed with depression after the incident. 

The supervising teacher, Liu, was fired on July 14th. 

Aiyo! This is terrible. We hope that she is doing well now…