Stop Using The Troligtvis Travel Mug From IKEA!

IKEA has urged customers who own the Troligtvis travel mugs marked with “Made In India” to stop using them.
A statement by an IKEA spokesperson said that the product contained “chemicals exceeding the prescribed limit”.

stop using the troligtvis travel mug from ikea!
 Photo: Channel News Asia (CNA) via IKEA

The mug was sold in IKEA between August and October last year and came in four different colours – beige, pink, green and blue.
In their statement, IKEA stressed that it takes product safety very seriously and all products are continuously tested to comply with applicable standards, legislation, and their own requirements.
Customers can return the travel mug to any IKEA store for a full refund and no proof of purchase is required.
For more information, customers can contact IKEA Customer Contact Centre at 03-79527575.
So return them ASAP and get your money back! (and you can re-spend them at IKEA)
By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat