Stop Buying, Start Adopting!

We all love our furry little buddies, but there’s been an increasing number of stray dogs these days. 

My Forever Doggo is a non-profit and shelter-neutral online service that is aimed at increasing dog adoption rates at animal shelters across the Klang Valley. The team noticed the ever-growing gap between the number of stray and abandoned dogs, and the amount of dogs adopted at shelters. 

stop buying, start adopting!

MFD investigated the issue further and came to the conclusion that the low rates of adoption was due to lack of public visibility, low foot traffic at shelters, shelter location and unfavourable shelter experience.

Co-founder of MFD Elisa Khong, said, “There is no fundamental difference between a dog from a pet shop and from a shelter. Every dog deserves a chance at life - to be seen, loved and cared for.”

stop buying, start adopting!

If you are keen to adopt a dog of your own, My Forever Doggo partners with animal shelters like PAWS, SPCA, and independent rescuers, and also works with volunteer photographers to produce photos which are posted on the organization’s Instagram page @myforeverdoggo. So far, they have helped 20 dogs to find loving homes and hope to do more.

Heartbreakingly, there are many shelters which still practice euthanasia due to the overwhelming number of dogs in these places. Do your part by adopting one (or more) of these loving furkids today! 

Would you adopt a dog for yourself?

By: Celestine Foo