Starbucks & Royal Selangor Release Limited-Edition Die-Casts

starbucks & royal selangor release limited-edition die-casts

Photo via Starbucks Malaysia

Starbucks will be collaborating with Malaysia’s very own pewter manufacturer Royal Selangor for the next 12 years, for the limited edition ‘Bearista Buddy’ series.

The series will see each of the 12 animal signs that appear in the Chinese zodiac, come to life in pewter at Starbucks stores in Malaysia each year. 

It honours both companies’ rich history in craftsmanship by combining the classic Starbucks design with Royal Selangor’s time-honored techniques, to create a series of handcrafted figurines characterized by the silhouette of the zodiac animal and Starbucks iconography.

“We are excited to take this next step with Royal Selangor with an ongoing collection that truly elevates the craftsmanship of a beloved Malaysian brand with one of the world’s most significant cultural celebrations,” said Sydney Quays, Group CEO of Berjaya Food Berhad and managing director of Starbucks Malaysia & Brunei.

“This long-term collaboration demonstrates our continued commitment to provide a platform for Malaysian-made brands to reach a greater audience through our stores in Malaysia and through our extended network of international collectors and fans. 

As we head into a new normal, it’s more important than ever for us to uplift and support local businesses any way we can.”

starbucks & royal selangor release limited-edition die-casts

Starting off the collection for 2020 is of course the Starbucks x Royal Selangor Bearista Buddy (Rat) series, which also just so happens to be the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle.

starbucks & royal selangor release limited-edition die-casts

You can get your hands on one from August 28th onwards, and if you like the fancier things in life, you can even get one gilded with 24-karat gold!

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by Kyle Roshen Jacob