“Special Hour” For The Elderly And The Disabled At Jaya Grocer and Mydin

In the midst of panic buying and people stocking up on toilet paper, some stores have decided to protect those who may be at a higher risk of getting infected by the virus. 

Jaya Grocer announced today that it will provide a 30-minute period each morning specifically for senior citizens who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

“We are introducing special opening hours from 9.30 am to 10 am at participating outlets for elderly customers (60s and above) & their caretakers. This initiative is to ensure those in need can shop for their daily needs in a safe & worry-free environment,” the supermarket chain said in a statement.

On the other hand, Mydin will also offer priority for senior citizens and disabled people so that they can shop in a less crowded environment by opening their outlet at 7.30 am instead of the usual 8.00 am. The supermarket chain will also have cashier counters dedicated to assisting them, along with staff members to help them move their items.

“(This is) exclusively for senior citizens and the disabled. We know they are the most vulnerable during these difficult times so let’s give them the time and space to shop,” said the managing director of Mydin, Ameer Ali Mydin.


Dear fellow malaysian , this photograph is one of #mydin store packed since morning , let’s not do panic buying , our suppliers have assured us there is adequate supply of essentials to meet our requirements , let’s be considerate , we are all in this together and we will come out of this stronger only if we work together as malaysian , we can do it , we have the Malaysia bolih spirit , stay calm , have HOPE , also starting Wednesday all mydin Hypermarkets and supermarkets will open half an hour earlier exclusively for senior citizens and Oku, we know they are the most vulnerable during this difficult times so let’s give them the time and space to shop , we will also open a dedicated cashier counter for them , with gratitude - ameer mydin

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Introducing “elderly hours” to protect those who are more vulnerable is not uncommon with many stores and supermarkets across the globe in response to panicked shoppers and hoarders.

The two supermarkets spearheading this move in Malaysia has been applauded by many.

We hope everyone can remain calm when purchasing and to be more considerate of others who may need the essential items the most.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya