S’pore Man Sues Crush For Emotional Trauma Because She Wanted To Be “Just Friends”

When he found out that the woman he likes only sees him as a friend, a Singaporean decided to sue his “crush” for emotional trauma.

The two first met in 2016 and progressively grew closer, however around 2020, it became evident that they had extremely different views on their relationship…

s’pore man sues crush for emotional trauma because she wanted to be “just friends”Photo via The Guardian

The man admitted that he wanted to be more than just friends with her while the woman simply considers him as a friend. The woman then asked her friend to acknowledge the need for boundaries and reduce the interactions between them. 

According to Oddity Central, the man, in response, wrote her a letter threatening to sue her for "potential defamation" and emotional distress.

Any sane person would have threatened legal action and broken off all contact with the "friend," but the woman seemed to want to talk sense into her friend, so she made an effort to communicate how she was really troubled by his behaviour. 

However, the man was still not happy and stepped up his threat saying that her personal and professional lives would suffer irreparable harm if she didn't give in to his requests to deepen their relationship. Aiyo!

The two were asked to attend therapy sessions in order to discuss their relationship troubles, but after a year and a half of therapy, the woman decided that it’s a waste of time and effort…

The man did not take it very well and started harassing her with phone calls and text messages which she had no choice but to start harassment proceedings against him in April 2022. By mid-May she ceased all communication with him.

In July of last year, the man filed a High Court claim against his crush, claiming that due to negligence and certain remarks on her part, he suffered both emotional trauma. Then a month later, he filed a magistrate’s court claim alleging a breach of an agreement to improve their relationship. 

A Singapore judge threw out his case, arguing that it amounted to an abuse of the court process.