Several Concerts In Malaysia Have Been Cancelled Or Postponed Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

We’re sad we can’t see our favourite musicians perform now that their concerts have either been cancelled or postponed! 

Due to the seriousness and safety concerns surrounding the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak - many upcoming music events that were scheduled to take place in Malaysia have been postponed, or cancelled entirely. 

several concerts in malaysia have been cancelled or postponed amid the coronavirus outbreakPhoto: The Star

According to The Star, some of the big names that have delayed their shows here include Mandopop star Jay Chou and K-pop band, Super Junior.

Here is the latest list of artists who have postponed their concerts in Malaysia so far:

  1. Kenny G (original date Feb 16, postponed date TBD)

  2. The Wynners (original date: Feb 22, postponed date Dec 12)

  3. Seventeen (original date: Feb 22, canceled)

  4. Jay Chou (original date: Feb 29, postponed date: Aug 22)

  5. Super Junior (original date: March 1, postponed date: TBD)

  6. Rockaway Festival (original date: March 14 and 15, postponed date: TBD)

  7. Miriam Yeung (original date: March 21, postponed date: TBD)

  8. Li Ronghao (original date: February 15, postponed date: TBD)

  9. Khalid (original date: April 4, postponed date: TBD)

Other shows that are still scheduled for February and March include Ronan Keating (February 14), Japanese Kawaii rock band Babymetal (March 27), K-pop band GOT7 (March 7), Ruel (March 10), Ali Gatie (March 4), and Tom Walker (March 27), as there has been no news of any postponement to these shows so far. 

It’s alright, there are still more concerts and events to look forward to in the future! Best for everyone to be cautious for now! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat