Selangor State Government Offers Subsidized Mental Health Treatment For Its Residents

Selangor residents who require intervention treatment from psychiatric professionals are eligible for the Selangor Mental Sihat (SEHAT) subsidy programme, which is offered by the Selangor government.

selangor state government offers subsidized mental health treatment for its residentsPhoto via SelCare Clinic

Public Health, Unity, Women Empowerment & Family Committee chairman, Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud Said that the Selangor government has allocated RM222,600 for the initiative, which provides 700 subsidized slots for people in need of mental health treatment.

“The subsidy covers screening cost, consultation with a psychiatric expert, basic psychotherapy treatment and medication for the first two weeks.”

She added that this programme is carried out through a collaboration with International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysian Psychiatric Association and SelCare Clinic.

Residents in Selangor who wish to apply for the incentive must first pass a mental health assessment via the Selangkah app, according to her.

If qualified, a candidate may choose to go through a second screening at a chosen SelCare Clinic. Applicants who meet the requirements will be forwarded to psychiatric specialists for additional treatment.

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Posted by Amirudin Shari on Sunday, 15 January 2023

Mental health matters. Taking care of our mental health aids in our resilience and recovery from anything that happens.

Anyone can have a bad day, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life. How we respond to it and take care of our mental health are what’s important.

So, please reach out to someone you trust or a professional if you ever feel like you need help!