Search for Nora Anne: Police Probe Fingerprints on Window

search for nora anne: police probe fingerprints on windowImage Source: Channel News Asia

Police believe that missing Irish girl, Nora Anne Quoirin is still in the dense jungle around the resort in Seremban where she disappeared, while on vacation with her family. 

Deputy Negeri Sembilan police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Che Zakaria Othman says there's no evidence to suggest that she has moved out of this area.

20 witnesses including the family members have had their statements recorded over the case.

It is still classified as a missing persons case, but police stress that the probe is holistic, with the forensic dept and criminal investigation department working together. 

They are in the process of identifying the fingerprints lifted from the window panel in the living room.

However, police declined to confirm if the window was open from the outside or inside. 

Authorities say the girl was sleeping in the room upstairs with her siblings, while the parents were in a different room. 

Police add that the resort location is an open area and not gated up, while they were also unable to get any clues from CCTV cameras in the area. 

Meanwhile, on search efforts, the operation has entered its 4th day and more than 200 personnel including scuba divers and a drone squad, are involved in the exercise.

Police did not rule out the possibility of increasing the manpower if needed. 

They are working in shifts to ensure the search operation goes on non-stop, and there is no cut-off time for the operation. 

Meanwhile, the family of the Irish girl is urging the public to respect their privacy.

A liaison officer has been assigned to be with the family throughout the investigation and search efforts. 

Nora, a special needs teen, went missing from her room, at a resort just outside Kuala Lumpur, on Sunday morning (4th August).

We hope that she'll be found soon!

By: Roshini Ravindran