School Kids Can Now Read Digital Textbooks On This App

school kids can now read digital textbooks on this app

Photo via mStar

Are you too tired or lazy to flip through the pages of your thick textbooks? Well, fret no more! 

You can now access your school textbooks in digital form via a new app known as “KPM eTextbook Reader”.

In an official statement, the Education Ministry (MOE) said the app will give school students access to digital textbooks when they resume their school sessions during the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) period. 

They will be able access the content using their mobile phones or tablets at anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, students will be able to makes notes on the app, as well as highlight important points, just as they would on a physical textbook.

Additional references are also provided.

Not to mention it's much lighter than carrying a schoolbag!

Parents need not worry about their child's physical textbooks arriving late anymore, but of course, they would need to provide their child with a digital device.

Internet access is not required to use the application.

The Form 5 and primary school syllabuses are not available just yet, but they will be soon.

You can now download the app for free via the Ministry’s website. 

But first, register and log in here : 

If you’re an Android user, download the app here: 

For iOS users, 

This is so convenient!


by Roshini Ravindran and Kyle Roshen Jacob