Scammers Are Now Selling Fake Malindo Tickets Online!

Scams and scammers are something that we need to fight with almost each day. Especially now with the internet, it’s even easier for us to fall into a scammers’ trap! 

Malindo Air announced on their official Facebook page that there is an illegal website selling Malindo air tickets illegally, via 

Malindo Air Warns Public of Website Impersonator PETALING JAYA, 10 October 2020 – Malindo Air wishes to bring to the...

Posted by Malindo Air on Saturday, October 10, 2020

The illegal website was found selling Malindo Air tickets via a dubious payment gateway that has not been registered with the airline’s system and all purchases made through the impersonator’s website is not captured in the airline’s database.

In the statement, they said: “Malindo Air would like to advise the public to be wary over fake reservation platforms and ensure that ticket booking is done via Malindo Air’s official website,, and registered online travel agencies (OTA) only.”

They added: “Malindo Air has filed an official report to MyCert on A police report is also underway.”

scammers are now selling fake malindo tickets online!Photo via Trip Savvy

If you have any doubts or want to report on suspected scams using the Malindo Air brand, you can get in touch with Malindo Air on the airline’s social media platforms! 

Be wary of scammers, especially if you’re shopping online, or deciding to buy something from any social media platform, always be careful and informed!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat