Scam Alert! The Tony Fernandes Foundation Is Fake!

Please DO NOT fall for scams like this! 

scam alert! the tony fernandes foundation is fake!Photo via AirAsia

A Facebook user which has been using the name Tony Fernandes and citing a Tony Fernandes Foundation is offering opportunities to assist in projects in exchange for membership in the fictitious foundation. 

AirAsia confirmed that the company has not established any other foundation other than its official AirAsia foundation. The Tony Fernandes Foundation is in no way linked to AirAsia or its group CEO.

Any message purporting to be from Tony Fernandes or Mark Kelvin or sent in relation to a Tony Fernandes Foundation is fraudulent. 

Always be cautious and always refer to AirAsia’s official social media channels for the latest company news, and AirAsia will not request for any personal data or details without specific and lawful measures in place. 

So if you see a suspicious post on social media or chain messages suspected of scams involving AirAsia, the public can get in touch via AirAsia’s official communication channels - Facebook, Twitter or AirAsia Customer Support

AirAsia stressed that legal action will be taken against individuals or groups who purport the use of the AirAsia brand or fraudulently or commit identity theft. 

Be careful, some people are here to take advantage of the situation that’s happening right now! Please always be aware of these scams.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat