Ex-TAHITI Member Ari Apologises After Marriage Announcement, Receives Love and Support from Fans

In a delightful turn of events, former TAHITI member Ari and Super Junior's Ryeowook have announced their upcoming marriage, bringing joy to fans and the entertainment industry alike.

The couple, who have been together for some time, chose to share the news with their followers, expressing their happiness and gratitude.

ex-tahiti member ari apologises after marriage announcement, receives love and support from fansPhoto via Instagram / yna

Ari took to Instagram with a heartfelt message, expressing her excitement about the new journey she's embarking on with Ryeowook. Despite feeling a little nervous about how fans might react, she radiated warmth and positivity.

"As spring arrives and May draws to a close, I have some warm news to share with you. I'm planning to start a family with someone I’ve been with for what feels like a long time," she wrote. "I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported, understood, and encouraged me thus far."

Ari also acknowledged that not all fans might be happy with their decision but promised to act responsibly as she moves forward with Ryeowook. The comments on her post were filled with congratulations and well wishes, with fans expressing their support for the couple as they prepare for their wedding.

Ryeowook, on the other hand, shared his own message with fans, emphasising the thought and consideration that went into their decision. He reassured Super Junior fans that while he's stepping into a new role as a husband, he's still committed to his music and performances with the group.

"I always feel grateful yet somewhat sorry towards the fans. Nevertheless, I intend to continue working hard and showing my best as Ryeowook of 'Super Junior', singing and performing with the members, supported by everyone who wants to listen to my songs," he said.

The couple went public with their relationship in 2020, and since then, they've garnered support from fans and colleagues alike. With TAHITI's disbandment in 2018, Ari pursued acting, appearing in various plays and musicals. Ryeowook has continued to make music with Super Junior, one of the longest-running K-pop groups.


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As they gear up for their wedding at the end of May, fans are thrilled to see these two talented individuals find love and companionship in each other. 

We thank Ari and Ryeowook for sharing their special news with us and congratulate them on their upcoming marriage. May their future together be filled with happiness and success.