RM300 Saman If You’re Caught Texting And Driving!

Looks like all that text messages just have to wait…

PDRM now will saman you RM300 if you are caught texting while driving.

rm300 saman if you’re caught texting and driving!Photo: Astro Awani 

We understand that it gets boring in the car when you’re stuck in traffic, especially when your friends are chatting in the groupchat and you just can’t resist replying!

Deputy Chief of Police, Datuk Mazlan just announced that the traffic police will no longer compromise taking strict action against drivers who are texting on their phones (WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage all included) while driving.

… and if you think they main-main this time, PDRM will be launching a nationwide initiative known as ‘Security Operation 16’ in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration.

So, whoever is caught on their phone while driving will immediately get RM300 saman! That’s actually a lot of money, guys…

According to Sin Chew Daily, the new initiative will be enforced from the 18th of January to the 1st of February. PDRM is actually strict about this one so try not to violate any traffic regulations ya!

The police will also target six other traffic violations that commonly leads to road accidents such as the abuse of emergency lanes, two-line overtaking, running red lights, speeding, cutting through traffic and of course… texting – and this time no discount ok as offenders will be dealt with seriously.

Datuk Mazlan added that this initiative is to ensure that everyone can balik kampung safely during this festive season, aligning with PDRM’s goals of reducing road accidents rates, preventing theft and protecting citizens’ property.

Negligent driving has been identified as the main causes of car accidents – so road users should be familiar with traffic rules BEFORE obtaining a driver’s license.

Meanwhile, chairman of the North-South Avenue Highway, Datuk Mohd Nasir, said the daily traffic volume will be expected to increase to reach 2 million vehicles this Chinese New Year, which is an 18% increase from the usual 1.7 million vehicles on the road.

He assured the public that PDRM and other authorities will arrange for 5,000 officers to be on duty during the ‘Security Operation 16’ to ensure traffic goes smoothly.

Hopefully with this effort from PDRM, there will be less road accidents this CNY holiday.

Be careful on the road ya guys! Happy holidays! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat