Retired Soldiers In Terengganu Had To Cling To A Tree For Six Hours Due To The Floods Before Being Rescued!

Three retired soldiers who were trapped in the floods last Sunday (18 December) had to cling to a tree for over six hours before they were rescued by their friends. 

According to Kosmo, the victims are 54-year-old Abd. Latif, 50-year-old Wan Azmi and 42-year-old Rusli Muhammad, was rescued by their friends at around 10 am the next day, Monday (19 December).

three retired soldiers in terengganu had to cling to a tree for six hours due to the floods before being rescued!Photo via Buzzkini

Ahh, they must be so exhausted!

Abd. Latif said he and two of his friends were farming in the vicinity of the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association vegetable plant when the incident happened, “We arrived at 8 am on Sunday before it started to rain heavily, and less than 2 hours later, the water level started to rise dramatically.”

He stated that “the area suddenly turned into an ocean,” in which he and his friends decided to seek shelter at a hut nearby.  

They then had to climb a tree as the water level kept rising. Abd Latif said that their optimism that the flood would pass was crushed when the water continued to rise.

Fortunately, Wan Azmi’s phone was still working which allowed them to call their friend for help, “Luck was definitely on our side,” he said. 

We’re so glad they are okay now! 

According to earlier media reports, the flood situation in Terengganu had gotten worse as more victims were being brought to a temporary shelter. 

It’s been raining heavily for the past few days, so please remember to check the weather report before leaving your house, guys. 

Stay safe!