Researchers Have Created A Robot That Gives Human-Like Hugs For Lonely People

Take all our money! 

A team at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems created HuggieBot 3.0, the third version of the robot they created to give the perfect hug.

researchers have created a robot that gives human-like hugs for lonely peoplePhoto via Oddity Central

Hugging probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when considering how humankind could benefit from robot assistance, but researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems think otherwise. 

For years, Alexis E. Block and her colleagues have worked on the HuggieBot project in an effort to develop a robot that could give human-like hugs and thereby take the place of real people in a variety of situations, such as comforting the lonely or stepping in for someone who is physically unable to do so. 

The HuggieBot 3.0, their third improved version and is reportedly quite the hugger.

According to Oddity Central, HuggieBot 3.0 is the “first fully autonomous human-sized hugging robot that recognizes the users’ intra-hug gestures” and has a unique sensing system called “HuggieChest” that uses two inflated polyvinyl chloride chambers to stimulate a soft chest. 

Why does this sound so comforting?!

However, the creators said that the HuggieBot 3.0 is much more than just a soft chest… The robot also gives hugs using a pair of Kinova JACO arms that were mounted to a custom metal frame and is said to be anthropomorphic (having a human-like characteristics), quiet and secure. 

Meet HuggieBot, whose sole purpose is to deliver the perfect hug by following its 11 hug commandments. Never let go HuggieBot, never let go. 🤗👉 #Robot #Hug #FridayFeelGood

Posted by TTI, Inc. on Friday, 10 June 2022

The HuggieBot 3.0 can stay still, move slightly vertically, tap or pat a person’s back and even squeeze with a varying degree of pressure.

How cute!

Would you guys want one of these hugging robots?!