Remember To Renew Your Expired Road Tax and Driver's Licence!

remember to renew your expired road tax and driver

Chop-Chop! You have less than two weeks to renew your expired road tax and driving licence, before the August 31st deadline.

Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows - the amnesty that was given during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period is about to come to an end.

The Road Transport Department says you can renew you expired permits online via mySikap.

But, if you're willing to drive over their nearest office, they have about 850 JPJ counters open nationwide, seven days a week.

It says enforcement teams are authorised to conduct checks to ensure motorists have valid documents starting next month.

Previously, JPJ revealed that since March 18th up to June 14th, over 4 million road tax documents and driving licences had yet to be renewed.

by Roshini Ravindran