Red Dhole Pups And Orang Utan Babies Coming Thru!

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari have yet again blessed us with the cutest animal babies ever!

In a statement on Wednesday (23 July), the zoo announced their red dhole pups and orangutan babies who had recently joined the zoo's lineup. 

red dhole pups and orang utan babies coming thru!Photo via San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants / Orangutan Appeal UK

If you don’t know what a red dhole is, it is also known as the Asiatic wild dog, whistling dog, mountain wolf, Indian wild dog, or the red dog - and they’re pretty adorable!

“Four red dhole pups were born on 31 December, so with this, the zoo now has 15 red dholes,” the statement said. They were born from a pair of red dholes that was donated to Zoo Taiping & Night Safari by Zoo Melaka in 2015.

The statement also added, “Now, the cubs are left with their mother at their hiding place within their display cage to let them feel at ease.”

Meanwhile, the orangutan at the zoo also welcomed two new babies in their family! The first baby was born on 23 December, while the second baby was delivered on 5 February.

“The first baby was born to nine-year-old Katarina while the second baby was delivered by 18-year-old Wasabi,” the zoo said, adding that the babies were the offspring male orangutan named Veera who has been on loan from the Singapore Zoo since March 2016.

red dhole pups and orang utan babies coming thru!Photo via Pinterest

Previously the zoo had also announced the names of the two baby elephants that were born at the zoo in December 2018 and February 2019, where the first calf was named Laroot, delivered by its mother Taiping while the second calf named Boyan was delivered by its mother, Jaya.

...and with the addition of the two new baby elephants, the zoo now has seven female elephants and three male elephants. 

The zoo also announced that they had successfully bred the endangered milky stork. 

Yay, we’re so excited to see the babies! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat