Reckless Driving Causes 2-Year-Old Boy To Be Flung Out Of A Moving Vehicle

This is not something out of an action movie, but rather, any parents’ worst nightmare!

A two-year-old boy was flung out of a moving vehicle in an accident on the North-South Highway (PLUS). The boy landed on the fast lane after the vehicle he was on was rammed by another car that was engaging in a race on the highway!

The incident was caught on the dashcam of another driver, Alan Chang. In the video, two vehicles, a Honda Jazz and a Perodua Myvi were seen racing with one another. As Alan was giving way to the two cars, the white Myvi quickly swerved to the far-left lane before quickly changing back to the fast lane, ramming the Honda Civic that was previously in front of the two cars.

reckless driving caused 2-year-old boy flung out of a moving vehiclePhoto: Facebook Alan Chang

The 59-second-long video has since gone viral on social media with many questioning the date on the dashcam that showed the incident happening in 2018. Alan, however, clarifies that the incident did take place recently, but he did not set the correct time and date on his dashcam.  It was reported that the incident occurred last Monday (10 Feb) around 3.20 pm at KM 235.5, of the north-bound Ayer Keroh Melaka-Senawang stretch of the highway.

According to Negeri Sembilan Traffic Police (Investigation and Enforcement) Department chief, Superintendent Ibrahim Abd Kadir, the white Myvi was engaged in dangerous driving with the Honda.

“One of the cars suddenly changed direction and veered towards a Honda Civic, which was in the middle lane.”

“This startled the driver of the Civic, who lost control of his vehicle and rammed into the metal road divider, before bumping into the rear of another car in the middle lane.”

“As a result of the crash, a passenger in the Civic, a two-year-old boy, was thrown out of the car and landed in the fast lane.”

It is understood that during the incident, the boy was sitting on his mother’s lap in the passenger seat and was thrown out of the window after the car was rammed by the white Myvi. The boy was then taken to Tuanku Jaafar Hospital (HTJ), Seremban for treatment.

Paidaiah Ramu, sister to the Civic driver, Sirrah Sitrah, shared on Facebook the video of the incident, alongside a picture of the boy with his father, asking for netizens for more information on the other vehicles involved.

Ibrahim said that police investigations have since identified the two vehicles which were being driven recklessly and that they will be taken under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

“Upon conviction, offenders can be jailed for a maximum of five years and fined no less than RM5,000 and a maximum of RM15,000,” he said.

Let this serve as a reminder for everyone to be more careful on the road and to always put your child in a car seat!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya