Protect Yourself With Masks From MERCY Malaysia

protect yourself with masks from mercy malaysia

The air is thick and heavy, breathing is difficult, and the facts are irrefutable - the haze is back with a vengeance. 

The Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia) has taken it upon themselves to distribute 5, 000 masks at public places starting from today. The initiative will go on for at least 5 days.

Motorcyclists and those using public transportation will be prioritised in this gesture as they are exposed to the outdoors much longer. People who work in exposed environments (i.e, police officers, road sweepers, toll station staff and garbage collectors), will also receive masks. 

protect yourself with masks from mercy malaysia

The public can look out for the 10 staff and volunteers handing out masks at high-traffic train stations like Masjid Jamek, Stesen Sentral, and Pasar Seni over the next few days. 

“We have been monitoring the situation closely for the last few days and are already on standby to act if the situation worsens. With over 40 schools closed yesterday and API levels exceeding 200 in Klang Valley today, we are swinging into action,“ said Ir. Amran Mahzan, Executive Director of MERCY Malaysia.
Remember to stay hydrated, try to stay indoors, and seek medical attention when symptoms like shortness of breath, sore throat, sore eyes and chest pains appear. Those with health conditions are also advised to take extra care, at least until the situation improves. 

What indoor activities do you do to keep yourself occupied?

By: Celestine Foo