Pre-MCO Jam Was Just As Terrible As The Last Ones

As you all know, today is the first day of the third Movement Control Order (MCO) for six districts in Selangor, namely Hulu Langat, Petaling, Gombak, Klang, Kuala Langat and Sepang.

And as we can already tell by now, when there’s the start of a new MCO, there’s bound to be massive jams the day before.

pre-mco jam was just as terrible as the last ones

This is because most Malaysians saw yesterday (May 5th) as an opportunity to settle last-minute errands or return to their hometowns.

As a result, traffic on almost every major highway and main road in the Klang Valley started slowing down from as early as 2pm.

The screenshot above was taken yesterday at around 6.30pm.

pre-mco jam was just as terrible as the last onesPhoto via Netizens

The following video shows yesterday’s terrible traffic jam at AEON Mall in Shah Alam.

One of the replies stated that this jam has been the norm since last weekend. The original poster replied, saying yesterday’s jam was different as it started in the evening and dragged on until the night.

Another netizen agreed, barely making it on time for iftar.

And there were many, many more complaints.

Netizens were indeed annoyed, and honestly, who can blame them? Their usual commute which would take less than half an hour, turned into a two-hour journey.

One netizen even claimed she was stuck in yesterday’s jam for six hours!

pre-mco jam was just as terrible as the last ones

As brutal as yesterday’s traffic was, we hope everyone reached their respective destinations safely!

Also, here’s a reminder that during this MCO 3.0 period which ends 17th May, please stay home if you don’t have any important things to do.

If you do have errands to run, make sure to follow the set SOPs and practice good personal hygiene.

Stay safe!

By: Amy Shariffudin