Pool Party Nets RM1.5 Million In Fines For Violating COVID-19 SOPs!

Guys, please bear in mind that the COVID-19 virus is still in our community, so please don’t be irresponsible!

Social events such as ceremonies, weddings, receptions, celebrations, reunions, retreats and other social gatherings ARE ALLOWED, with 50% space capacity and physical distancing under the Phase 4 National Recovery Plan (NRP)!

pool party nets rm1.5 million in fines for violating covid-19 sops!Photo via The Star

Recently, a big and wild pool party held at a club has led to a total of RM1.5 million in compound fines for violating the COVID-19 SOPs. 

Around 303 partygoers were having fun until 150 police officers raided the private club at about 10:40pm on Sunday (December 5th).

They allegedly had gathered there for the party at 4pm. 

87 Malaysians, 161 foreign men and 55 foreign women were detained by police during the raid. 

According to The Star, Brickfields OCPD Asst Comm, Amihizam Abdul Shukor said that the attendees who were charged RM60 admission fee each, were invited through social media.

It was believed that each table at the pool party was offered to guests at a price of between RM1,200 and RM8,000. 

The club manager and the party organisers were issued RM25,000 compound fines each while the 87 locals were issued with a total of RM435,000 in compounds while RM1,080,000 in compounds were issued to 216 foreigners. 

Overall, the total amount in compounds came to RM1,565,000, he said. 

That is A LOT! 

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Posted by Polis Brickfields on Sunday, December 5, 2021

Please be responsible and avoid large crowds for your own safety and the people around you as well. We’re all in this together, guys!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat