Police Calls Road Users To Not Report Roadblocks On Waze

Navigation apps, like Waze provide real-time traffic information along with alternative routes so that road users can avoid jams and rush hours. 

Other amazing features of these applications is that they offer updated information related to the places and maps.

police calls road users to not report roadblocks on wazePhoto via Piston

However, it was reported by BERNAMA that Kuala Lumpur police chief, Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim has urged Malaysian drivers to refrain from posting information regarding police roadblocks on Waze.

He explained that doing so only hampers traffic enforcement efforts. Those who drink and drive, run the red light or commit other traffic offences could avoid being caught if they know where roadblocks are. 

Datuk Azmi also said that road users should be aware of the risks that careless drivers pose, “Those who have never experienced the pain endured by victims’ families due to the tragedy caused by negligent traffic offenders will not be able to understand.

police calls road users to not report roadblocks on wazePhoto via Piston

“I hope that the general public, particularly all the responsible road users, will assist the police rather than trying to aid those who commit road offences.”

Some reports like accidents, road closures and traffic congestion are very useful because road users can avoid certain routes in advance. 

So, guys, no more reporting police roadblocks on Waze!