Petaling Street Claims 6th Place Among the World's Coolest Streets!

Petaling Street recently earned a prestigious title, securing the sixth spot on the list of the world's coolest streets, courtesy of global art and entertainment magazine, Time Out.

The ranking, unveiled by Time Out, showcases streets, roads, and boulevards worldwide that are renowned hotspots, drawing in locals and tourists alike for a guaranteed good time.

petaling street claims 6th place among the world's coolest streets!Photo via Malaysia

To compile this list, Time Out's team of editors and writers scoured their respective cities to nominate the most vibrant streets, considering factors like food, drinks, entertainment, art, culture, nightlife, and community atmosphere.

Petaling Street stood out for its captivating fusion of cultural heritage and trendy hangout spots, creating a lively and dynamic environment that appeals to everyone.

"While Petaling Street boasts a rich history as one of the city's oldest streets, it's currently undergoing a modern revival. Here, Kuala Lumpur's ancient temples coexist harmoniously with the latest dining and drinking establishments," noted the publication.

Among its notable attractions are Chocha Foodstore, offering modern Malaysian cuisine crafted from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and the bustling Chinatown stalls brimming with the city's best street food and souvenirs.

In addition to Petaling Street, the list includes other captivating streets from around the world, such as High Street in Melbourne, Hollywood Road in Hong Kong, and East Eleventh in Austin, among others.