People Hangs Upside Down In China After Amusement Park Ride Stops For 10 Minutes

Most people’s worst nightmare is undoubtedly getting caught on a ride at an amusement park.

people hangs upside down in china after amusement park ride stops for 10 minutesPhoto via Twitter (TRT World)

This is exactly what happened to a group of people at a theme park in China, where people were stuck for around 10 minutes. If you think that’s the worst that could happen, well think again because they were stuck… upside down!

In the horrifying incident, people were left dangling upside down from a ride that abruptly came to a stop mid-air. Video of the incident was recorded by passersby which then went viral on social media.

Video of the incident, which happened at an amusement park in the city of Fuyang, in Anhui province in China on 19 January, went viral online. According to India Times, the ride had malfunctioned which caused it to stop mid-air.

How terrifying! 

Before help arrived, the people were seen gripping onto their seats, frightened for a whole ten minutes. 

Staff then had to climb onto the giant ride and manually fix and save the people. Officials claim that the problem was caused by a weight issue as a result of the ride’s limit being exceeded. 

The people involved were given refunds and financial help for any medical costs they incurred as a result of the disaster. 

It must be so scary for them! But we’re glad that everyone’s safe!