Parents In Kedah Use Recycled Items To Create Jalur Gemilang-Themed Display For School Entrance

Parents of SK Kota Rentang created a Jalur Gemilang-themed display using recycled items and coconut husks to celebrate the National Day.

The display is then placed at the entrance of the school.

parents in kedah use recycled items to create jalur gemilang-themed display for school entrancePhoto via The Star

According to The Star, the parent-teacher association (PTA) chairman Suziana Budin said, among the recycled items used for the decoration were 10 detergent plastic bottles, 10 cooking oil bottles, 30 bottles of carbonated drinks, 20 lids of plastic containers, 20 mineral water caps and 12 old tires.

“We used RM150 cash to buy the paint to colour the recycled items in Jalur Gemilang colours,” she said.

She added that the parents worked every day from 5pm to 7pm, “Other committee members then took two weeks to work on the decoration before we finally completed it on 23 August.”

Suziana said they decided to do the project after a challenge from the school’s headmaster who dared them to do something special for National Day, “She asked us to come out with an idea to decorate the school entrance using only recycled items.”

…and they did it beautifully! Amazing job!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat