Wah! M’sian PhD Student Rediscovered Mussel Species in Pahang That Was "Extinct" For 40 Years

Indeed, the rediscovery of the freshwater mussel species, ensidens ingallsianus (also known as kijing air tawar in Bahasa Malaysia), in Pahang by the Malaysian PhD student @azamuddeennasir is a remarkable and exciting event!

wah! m’sian phd student rediscovered extinct mussel species in pahang after 40 yearsPhoto via TikTok (@azamuddeennasir)

The species was believed to have been extinct for around 40 years before this rediscovery.

Freshwater mussels are essential components of aquatic ecosystems, playing a crucial role in water quality maintenance and acting as indicators of environmental health. Their sensitivity to water changes and their reliance on fish for their growth cycle make them especially vulnerable to disturbances and habitat degradation.

The fact that @azamuddeennasir stumbled upon not only ensidens ingallsianus but also other mussel species while exploring Pahang highlights the importance of continued efforts to explore and understand the biodiversity of our natural environments. 

His action of preserving samples and sending them to a freshwater mussel expert in Malaysia, Dr. Alexander, demonstrates the significance of proper scientific verification and documentation.

The rediscovery of this species provides hope and emphasizes the importance of conservation efforts and responsible management of freshwater habitats to protect and preserve vulnerable species. This finding may also contribute valuable information to ongoing research and conservation projects in Malaysia and beyond.

@azamuddeennasir Kenali spesis kerang/kijing air tawar yg dipercayai telah pupus! Inilah dia Kijing Biji Nangka (Ensidens ingallsianus). Spesis ini mempunyai taburan yg luas di Semenanjung Malaysia suatu ketika dahulu dari sempadan thailand hingga ke Kuala Pahang di Selatan. Tetapi spesis ini telah dipercayai pupus di Malaysia selama 40 tahun mengikut tinjauan yg mendalam. Rekod terakhir ialah pada tahun 1977 di Tasik Chini. #kijing #Hutantalk #sains ♬ original sound - AnakUmiSukaHutan

Kudos to @azamuddeennasir for sharing this exciting discovery on TikTok, as it helps raise awareness about the significance of conserving our natural heritage and encourages others to appreciate and protect the environment.